Lake development and marginal planting: Park House

This private estate had undergone significant development, and this project saw us create a healthy biodiverse fishing lake and horse dip through large scale landscaping and extensive project management. 

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Biodiverse fishing lake

R.J.Bull Limited were contracted to carry out extensive work to this estate, supporting in not only the large scale landscaping and development of grounds, but creating a healthy biodiverse fishing lake and horse dip. Taking over from a previous contractor we delivered the project well above expectations, with subsequent further development being requested.

What did we do?

  • Oversaw and project managed all landscape work tailored to the specific requirements of the site
  • Worked closely with and managed other third party contractors on-site to ensure timely and cohesive development
  • Developed a healthy bio-diverse fishing lake from previous agricultural land
  • The creation of a natural horse dip that blends within the environment
  • Strategic use of plants and vegetation to maximise not only the look of the environment, but encourage wildlife whilst have maximum environmental benefits

The freshly planted horse dip

What were the results?

The completed works provided the estate with a healthy and biodiverse fishing lake which was landscaped to a very high standard. As the client wanted an aesthetically pleasing fit with the surrounding estate, the quality and finish were of utmost importance. This requirement included creating a swimming platform, beach and also space for a summerhouse.

We also developed a range of further natural features such as a horse dip with fully functional hatch system fed from the lake. The outflow feeding the horse dip was lined with planted coir mat to provide further ecological benefits.

The project involved much flexibility to work with and alongside existing contractors, as well as an evolving project brief whilst maximising ecological benefits.

The finished landscaped fishing lake