Habitat development on the River Test – Southington

This next phase of development on the River Test at Southington looked to extend the rich environments on previously poor stretches of the river. As a result this would help develop the spawning habitats of the migratory species on the watercourse.

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For this next phase of river restoration on the River Test at Southington we were brought in to develop and encourage healthy habitat creation. This involved reprofiling a number of sections of the river in order to increase water flow and create good spawning habitats for migratory fish species.

What did we do?

  • Dug and reprofiled the river banks to create a meandering and increased flow to the river
  • Used natural materials in the form of coir rolls and chestnut stakes to reinforce river banks and allow natural vegetation to take root
  • Ensured healthy fish passage throughout the section of river for a range of species and growth stages
  • Retained an aesthetically pleasing finish to the stretch of river in keeping with the surrounding golf course and public areas of the river
  • Designed and constructed a bridge to allow visitors to cross a narrow section of the river without damaging or eroding the new river bank
  • Ensured the new bridge used materials and design which was in keeping with the natural environment

During: Reprofiling the river banks using coir rolls and chestnut stakes

During: Design and construction of a suitable bridge

The results

We delivered an improved section of the River Test which now allows free fish passage along the stretch for a variety of species and growth stages. This work has helped to improve the spawning habitat for migratory species along the river and helped to connect with existing healthy river environments.

After: The finished meandering river