Creating habitats for commercial use – East Lodge

This project looked to utilise our knowledge and experience in creating a range of further fish habitats in the form of stock fish ponds to add to the commercial fishery side of the estate.

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Following extensive development and restoration of the East Lodge site this project looked to continue the improvement and addition to the commercial fishery side of the estate. This work created a range of stock ponds with built in predator protection, as well as the construction of adjoining bridges.

What did we do?

  • Created a range of new stock fish ponds with a variety of bed levels and gravels to create healthy fish habitat
  • We regarded the riverbanks to ensure clear water flow, fish passage, and prevent future bank erosion
  • Due to the rich habitat we had already created on the surrounding River Itchen, Otters were prospering so a secure Otter fence was required and installed to protect the stock
  • Designed and constructed a range of in character bridges to connect the pools with applied wire for safety and grip when wet

The challenges?

  • Due to the threat and capability of Otters, the protective fence had to be dug in around the stock ponds
  • Steep access to the site of construction as well as surrounding trees meant limited access for large machinery

During: Fitting the deck boards to the bridge beams

During: Adding the deck boards and wire to the bridge beams

What were the results?

We were able to deliver a number of healthy, rich habitat stock ponds that were secure against potential predators and would allow sustainable all-year-round fishing for visitors. To ensure maximum utilisation of the new ponds we also delivered a range of safe and in keeping bridges to connect the ponds for easy access for visiting fishermen and river keepers.  

After: The completed bridges connecting stock ponds

The project continues…

This project is ongoing and the aim is to continue to develop the site to increase biodiversity and flora and fauna habitats, as well as supporting the commercial fishery. 

Our initial project involved us developing a rich biodiversity, and as a result supporting the commercial fishing on site. 

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One major project we completed in 2019 was the major design, management and construction of a replacement fish hut and entertainment space on the site.

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