Constructing bespoke aquatic structures – East Lodge

This next stage of the project included extensive landscaping and construction of bespoke aquatic solutions in order to provide a suitable entertaining space up to the same standard as the rest of the site whilst making the most of the beautiful surroundings.

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This project saw us support the site owners in developing a solution for the range of visitors they have to the site. As well as being a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and Special Area of Conservation (SAC), the site runs a successful and exclusive commercial fishery, as well as hosting a number of select corporate events due to the natural beauty of the area.

The previous building and decking were no longer fit for purpose and required replacing in order to bring it up to the standards of the rest of the site.

What did we do?

Having managed the previous restoration we knew the expectations and requirements the new structures would need to fulfil, and so extensive works were carried out:

  • Destruction and removal of the existing fish hut and decking
  • Complete landscaping of the site and remodelling of the car park and sloped entrance/ exit
  • Design, management and construction of new bespoke footings and complete decking which would provide panoramic views of the restored River Itchen and water meadows
  • Management of third party in the design of a bespoke octagonal orangery which would provide a suitable and high quality entertaining space throughout the year, as well as panoramic views of the site
  • Management and construction of the bespoke orangery and replacement fishing hut which would provide kitchen and lodging facilities for the site
  • Sourcing of appropriate furniture
  • Planting of native flora to decorate the new structure and add to the biodiversity and habitat of the environment

The challenges

  • Steep access to the site of construction as well as surrounding trees meant limited access for large machinery
  • Due to the desired overhang of the decking on the river, careful consideration of placement and design of the footings was required to ensure support of the expected weight as well as durability against rising and falling the adjacent river levels

During: Construction of the bespoke orangery and decking following the footings being constructed

During: landscaping of the surrounding area to bring it up to standard with the new structures

What were the results?

The finished result was a high quality bespoke construction that maximised the beauty of the landscape. Not only did it provide a new and suitable entertaining space for a variety of visitors and occasions, but also allowed visitors to fully enjoy the site with panoramic views across the river.

After: The completed decking, complete orangery and landscaped drive and car park

The project continues…

This project is ongoing and the aim is to continue to develop the site to increase biodiversity and fauna habitats, as well as supporting the commercial fishery. 

Our latest project has focussed on supporting the commercial fishery side of the site. We have been working to create a range of new stock fish ponds with supporting bridge structures. 

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Our initial project involved us carrying out extensive river restoration in order to develop a rich biodiversity, and as a result supporting the commercial fishing on site.

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