Bridge repairs in a residential area – Cheriton

This project looked to renovate a bridge in a village over the River Itchen. It required careful project management with the location and existing structural design, whilst maintaining the character, high quality, and delivering an innovative solution.

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R.J.Bull Limited were contracted to carry out the renovation of a bridge over the River Itchen, within the beautiful village of Cheriton. A little different from our normally ‘wild’ locations we were able to maintain the character of the village whilst delivering a high quality finish.

What did we do?

  • A complete renovation of the existing bridge which was weakened and rusting
  • Replacement of the bridge steels and timbers, as well as the concrete ramp
  • Prepared and repainted the bridge rails in keeping with the village character
  • Full project management with consideration to the environment: traffic, pedestrians

What were the challenges?

  • Lack of knowledge of the original construction design
  • Lack of flexibility in altering the bridges design
  • The client requested to keep a number of the original timbers within the final build
  • Need to maintain the character of the previous bridge in keeping with the village

Before: The weakened bridge and rusted steels

During: Exposure of the original rusted beams, removal and then new steel beams fitted

What were the results?

With the original construction unknown, we used our extensive knowledge and experience to develop a solution which adapted to the original design. We welded bespoke new galvanised steels to the existing base structure to maintain the exact dimensions. We also kept a number of the original timbers in the design and drilled adapted holes in the new steels prior to galvanisation and construction.

We delivered a high quality bridge which did not deviate from the original character of the property or village, and complied with the size and build restraints. The finished project delivered a structurally sound and long lasting design with a smoother entry to the property.

After: The finished bridge with some original timbers retained