Designing and building structures on or around our waterways can be tricky in certain environments; facing not only the challenges that come from water itself, but also restricted access, fragile eco-systems, and scale. Through our experience in these environments we can support in the delivery of a range of projects. From the construction of bridges, development of existing water structures, bespoke design, right through to respectful buildings that blend to their environment. No matter the project we deliver designs and end results with the surrounding environments in mind… no matter how complex or diverse.

Read on to find out more about some of the projects we’ve completed.

Constructing bespoke aquatic structures

This major project at the East Lodge estate saw us complete extensive landscaping and construction of bespoke aquatic structures including the design, management and construction of a replacement fish hut and entertainment space on the site.

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Bridge repairs in residential areas – Cheriton

This project looked to renovate a bridge in a village over the River Itchen. It required careful project management with the restricted location and existing structural design, whilst maintaining the character, high quality, and delivering an innovative solution. 

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Improving Eel habitat on the Broadlands Estate

Environments can sometimes degrade over time, and this project worked with a number of partners in order to improve and encourage European Eel habitats. We worked to restore historical fish stews and the existing channels, overcoming a range of challenges on a site that had a variety of ground levels and was largely unmanaged.

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